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Who Are We?

Established in January 2005 as sole proprietor, Therapeutic & Sports Body Works began providing clinical therapeutic and sports bodywork massage with the primary focus on repetitive stress and overuse issues. As of January 2007, we are comprised of a select team of highly trained, educated and certified bodywork therapists dedicated to providing results-oriented bodywork massage to our varied clientele. Therapeutic bodywork modalities used include advanced clinical-based massage, myofascial approaches, soft tissue manipulation, neuromuscular, muscle energy and deep tissue techniques. We know that by relieving muscle tension and stress from the muscle fibers and joints, overall healing begins and performance is enhanced. Therapeutic & Sports Body Works strives to provide high quality, results-oriented body care therapy, and…

We Welcome You To Experience Our Services

Evette D. Smith, CMT, California Message Therapy Council Certified - Evette had spent 28 years in the private sector and corporate America, prior to being restructured out of one position in March 2000 and laid off from another in October 2003. In March 2004, she was lead to further her education through studies of the human body and massage therapy. After 600 hours of study, Evette received a Diploma and Certification of Massage Therapy in December 2004. Her second career as a bodyworker began immediately upon graduation as she continued her studies in this expanding field. In December 2005, Evette earned an Associates of Occupational Studies in Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork after completion of 1,200 hours from Bryan College, Gold River, California (formerly Northwestern School of Massage). Therapeutic & Sports Body Works emerged. Evette’s initial targeted clientele of tri-athletes, runners and marathoners helped to launch a dream career, and has broadened her gifted and talented skill set to include hands-on athletic injury/rehabilitation, neuromuscular techniques to re-educate, muscle energy release and muscle tension release fibers of stress, in addition to soft tissue manipulation to aid in muscle structural alignment. Evette has a passion for administering pain management therapies leading to overall healing of the body. Each client receives results-oriented sessions, minimizing and/or eliminating pains from the body, creating mind, body, spirit balance and harmony.

ABMP Certified Level Member

Who Are We | Services Provided | Conditions Treated | Benefits | Testimonials | Prices | Classes

Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork

Clinical-based Therapeutic Bodywork should be a vital component for bringing the body back into balance/harmony, and promoting a healthier lifestyle (SEE BENEFITS). The body/mind/spirit endures tremendous stress on a daily basis that can be restricting and debilitating, and can affect performance of routine activities. Specific to the repetitive stress and overuse injury, when the body is freed of stress, performance and quality of life are enhanced and tremendous health benefits will be experienced.

Repetitive Stress and Over-Use injuries arise from work/daily/recreational activities...WHAT WE CALL LIFE! Incorrect posture, work-related stresses, physical activities and workouts are all contributing factors causing imbalances in the body. Over time, these overworked muscles can lead to bodily injury, mental stress, and become a burden to the spirit. You’ve heard the expression a tight muscle is a weak muscle, right? If not, know that very tight muscles experience decreased flexibility and contraction, affecting range-of-motion and joint flexibility. Tension and stress are held within the muscle fibers causing tightness, pain and prohibiting ultimate performance. These tight muscles recruit surrounding tissues for aid in creating balance caused by these reoccurring stresses…resulting in compensation of body mechanics. If not addressed, over time these muscles begin to pull tendons, ligaments and bone, creating musculo-skeletal imbalances… affecting daily activities and leading to injury.

Clinical-based Therapeutic Bodywork Massage is administered with a focus on soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release and neuromuscular techniques to help relieve the tension and stress within muscle tissues, affecting tendons, joints and other structures. Bodywork sessions are tailored and focused on each client’s specific issues and concerns; clients experience RESULT-ORIENTED sessions, with improvements of increased range-of-motion and flexibility of muscles and/or joint structures; an overall sense of relaxation and well-being is experienced; awareness of body mechanics is heightened; daily/routine performance is enhanced; the burden of pain lifted from the spirit, promoting harmony with mind, body, spirit.

Sports Bodywork Massage

Sports Bodywork Massage should be a vital component throughout training, and pre-/post-event competition of all athletes. Using the same muscles repetitively and frequently will, in time, cause stress and over use. Specific to the multi-sport, sport-specific and recreational athlete, our goal is to relieve this stress to help enhance your overall performance.

Repetitive Stress and Over-Use issues/injuries have sports-related written all over them. You’ve heard the expression a tight muscle is a weak muscle, right? It’s true. Very tight muscles are restricting, has less contractile strength, affects flexibility and range-of-motion, all because tension and stress are held within the overworked muscles and surrounding joints . . . Creating Body Imbalance. Overworked muscles begin to recruit surrounding tissues for assistance caused by this imbalance and, overall, the body begins to compensate thru posture, walk and mental focus. Over time, these muscles will begin to pull at tendons, ligaments and bone, creating musculo-skeletal imbalances, affecting performance and leading to injury.

Sports Bodywork Massage includes modalities such as neuromuscular, muscle energy, and stretching techniques along with clinical-based therapeutic bodywork modalities of soft tissue manipulation. Focusing on each client's sport specific issues and concerns, all bodywork sessions are tailored, and clients experience RESULTS-ORIENTED sessions. Increased range-of-motion and flexibility of muscles and joint structures will be experienced…awareness of body mechanics is heightened…overall, ENHANCES PERFORMANCE by improving the contractile strength and speed of contraction of muscle fibers.

Accident/Injuries Bodywork Massage

Therapeutic and clinical approaches to massage and bodywork have proven to enhance healing during patient rehabilitation process. If you suffer pains from injuries whether accident-, work- or activity-related, body therapy promotes the healing process of the injury. Circulation is increased enhancing blood flow and providing vital nutrients to aid recovery.

Essential Oil Therapies

All life is energy, and if the energy in our bodies cannot flow freely, we will emotionally and physically feel 'unbalanced'. This energy, although subtle, affects every aspect of our lives, including our creativity, our vitality, and our passion our over-all health and well-being.

The Aromatic Integrative Renewal Chakra session is focused on work with the energy centers of the body, or 'chakras' as they're known in the energy healing world. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for 'wheel' or 'disk'; energy centers of the body that are sending and receiving energy.

Each of the eight major chakras that we work with in Aromatic Integrative Renewal (AIR), resides in a certain area of the body, and resonates with certain organs of the body, emotions, colors, and spiritual traditions.

If you are feeling sluggish in your body or in your life, you can be sure that the energies of your chakras are sluggish as well. Clearing the chakras removes toxic energies, both recent and longstanding, and your body becomes better equipped to adapt to whatever circumstances you must face.

The Target Assessment Program (TAP) session is a simple, alternative way to tune into your body's communication - through the powerful senses of touch and smell. This systematic method uses specific, targeted essential oils as stimuli to assess a person's responses in targeted body systems. The goal is to determine which essential oil(s) will be the most beneficial to the individual's particular system. Oils are placed on the feet and specific body movements are exercised to reveal the body's response to these individual oils. Clients experience improvements during the first sessions.

The body systems that are targeted and assessed are:

  • Structural alignment
  • Bone
  • Muscles
  • Circulation
  • Nerves
  • Tendons / Cartilage
  • Emotions

The above approaches supports the bodys healing in a holistic way as a fusion of the mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic " Sports Body Works uses ForeverGreen &percent; Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. Please visit my essential oil site, at www.EverydayAromatics.com/evette.

Review information on "Aromatic Integrative Renewal" application HERE.

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Who Are We | Services Provided | Conditions Treated | Benefits | Testimonials | Prices | Classes

Conditions Treated

We have treated, with favorable results, the following conditions:

Back Pain Overuse Injuries
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Rotary Cuff Injuries
Elbow Pain Sports Injuries
IT Band Pain Tension Headaches
Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain TMJ Dysfunction
Neck Rotation Work/Sports-related Repetitive Stress

Are you experiencing muscular and/or joint aches and pains caused by injuries such as repetitive stress, overuse muscle, accident and sports injuries? Has your condition been termed “muscle-related?” Muscle tension and stress can prohibit daily activities/productivity, contributes to decreased range-of-motion and flexibility, resulting in decrease in quality of life. Since the muscle fibers are in a constant shortened state (tight and stressed), this results in the fibers inability to stretch and properly absorb nutrients, and poor circulation is experienced. This results in compromising of posture, gait, performance and overall mental and spiritual well-being. Tight muscles need soft tissue manipulation applied bodywork therapy to relieve these tensions and stresses. It has been proven that clinical therapeutic bodywork massage relieves pains and discomforts from the body, aids in speed of recovery during rehab therapy, and enhances overall performance. Some of our clients combine our body care therapy services with their physical therapy and/or chiropractic care.

Who Are We | Services Provided | Conditions Treated | Benefits | Testimonials | Prices | Classes

. . .include, but not limited to:


Aids in relaxation, calming of the mind
Heightens sense of awareness
Relieves tension and reduces stress
Helps to relieve tension-related headaches
Reduces muscle spasms and cramps
Treats musculoskeletal dysfunction
Increases and restores joint mobility and flexibility
Relaxes and softens injured, overused and tight muscles
Strengthens the immune system and improves functioning
Increases circulation to allow body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs
Generally improves posture
Helps maintain positive feelings about self
Increases awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit connection

SPORTS BENEFITS (Including Therapeutic)

Improves muscle condition and tone
Enhances body mechanics
Increases alertness
Improves training workouts; Enhances Performance
Increases flexibility; Improves stretching
Fosters faster healing of strained/injured muscles and sprained ligaments
Reduces pain and swelling
Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue


Helps relieve mental stress
Promotes a relaxed state of mind and sense of calmness
Promotes a heightened state of mental alertness
Fosters peace of mind and sense of well-being

Who Are We | Services Provided | Conditions Treated | Benefits | Testimonials | Prices | Classes


"I love to train diligently and sometimes intensely for multi-sport events, including xterra triathlons, road triathlons, mountain bike races, and running events. I see Evette for deep-tissue sports massages to release and relax the muscles in my legs, back, and shoulders. The massage improves my body's circulation, eliminates pain in key problem areas, and leads to faster recovery after intense workouts. Periodic massages are as integral in my training plan as the workouts themselves, because effective bodycare keeps me injury-free. Thank you Evette for helping me stay healthy and able to perform my best at the races!"


"I started seeing Evette at the end of 2005 and continued receiving weekly massages through 2006. Thanks to Evette, I raced strong in 2006 and I was able to reach a higher level of performance.

Her massages were very important to my recovery.....so beneficial that I was able to with stand back to back hard work-outs, with out getting injured.

Evette Smith is the most wonderful, gifted massage therapist that I have ever been to!"

Aracelly Clouse
Professional Triathlete, Wife and Mom

"For many years, I've been getting massages to relieve body tension. One particular area that was never addressed by any other masseuse was the tension in my jaw. I find it particularly troublesome because, if not relieved, it can cause severe headaches. Evette not only found the trouble spots, but also was successful in working them until my jaw was relaxed. I am so pleased with the results. I have complete confidence in her abilities in therapeutic massage."

Valentina Joyce
Folsom, California

"As an individual trained in massage therapy, I've received body-care from almost 100 students and professionals. The key to affecting change through deep tissue massage is through intention, not force. Few people if any who have worked on me have the natural ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of muscle and affect change as Evette. In addition to her gifted sense of touch, years of schooling and experience has given her the ability to heal any ailment thrown her way. When you add in her very reasonable rates and soothing ambience of her spacious massage rooms, there's no reason to ever waste your time at a cookie-cutter spa. I am very grateful to have found Evette and that she continues to put all her efforts into developing and pursuing her passion for massage therapy. "

Anthony Pelosi
Track Attack Coach


60-minute Therapeutic Session* $80.00
90-minute Therapeutic Session $120.00

60-minute Sports Session $85.00

60-minute Deep Tissue Session $90.00
90-minute Deep Tissue Session $135.00

Prices Posted Februray 2008

Essential Oil Therapies

Emotional Aromatic $100.00
90-minute session

Physical Aromatic $100.00
60 to 75-minute assessment

*Athletic Students and Parents - Please Inquire for Student Rates

On-Site Work Massage Available

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